Art to Celebrate Life


Fiona is a celebrated New Zealand artist and illustrator, whose artworks are held in collections around the world.

Fiona believes in following your passion and always holding onto childish wonder and magic, this wonder and magic shine’s through in her art work.

Fiona finds inspiration for her art work in life, using scenery, life events and her family as inspiration.

Most recently Fiona has gone from the transition of being a full time mother and artist to having all of her babies off on their own adult journeys.  This has given her the space to follow her own Sacred Yes, she is documenting her journey of healing, expansion, and adventure as she travels around New Zealand with her tent and paint brush.

Follow Fiona journey here.

Fiona has also embraced her love for children by illustrating the Beetle Bottoms books series and games which are designed to celebrate childhood, get kids out doors playing and embracing what makes them uniquely them.

Fiona’s artworks will bring a smile to your face and light up your room, you can see examples of her paintings, sculpture, jewellery and children’s illustrations in the Gallery.