All that mattered was LOVE

all that mattered was love fullI have found this second blog really hard to write.
I have spent all my life seeing the best in even really tragic events that have happened to me and my family. Wanting to see the lesson life is sending me and try and still feel joy in living.

I managed to do this through my daughter dying, living through two divorces with no support, healing a chronic illness, but I did hit rock bottom over the last three years.

My first husband, the father of four of my children hung himself.

This tragedy has blown my beautiful family that I had tried so hard to keep strong and connected to pieces.

The devastation of my family was the most tragic blow to me personally . No personal success mattered to me ever. The only thing that ever mattered was the love I thought kept my family strong and connected.

I have been forced to let go of the most valuable treasure to me and see if I can learn the lesson life is trying to teach me.

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