About Fiona

Fiona is a widely exhibited New Zealand artist whose paintings, sculpture, jewellery and books are held in private collections and homes world-wide.

Her colourful acrylic paintings depicting New Zealand have become  recognisable New Zealand icons.

Fiona is a mother of five, she initially studied at Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts before her art career took off.

Many of her works are commissioned, both by corporates and private individuals, and she particularly enjoys the challenge of incorporating all the elements people want in their personal paintings.

Fiona has held highly successful solo and group exhibitions at the following:

  • New Vision Gallery
  • John Leech Gallery
  • Art Associates
  • Morgan Street Gallery
  • Art by the Sea
  • Art of this World
  • Masterworks
  • Charlotte H Gallery
  • Arts Desire
  • Art Bureau

Her work has also featured in New Zealand House and Garden magazine, and Fiona is listed in the “New Zealand Who’s Who of the Visual and Fine Arts, Architecture, Crafts and Design”.

Fiona’s passion for celebrating life and embracing the magic of childhood lead to the start of her and her daughters business Beetle Bottoms.

The Beetle Bottoms are tiny people who live in your garden and are inspired by Fiona’s illustrations.  They celebrate childhood, nature and individuality.

Encouraging children and their parents to embrace what makes them unique and play more!

To purchase one of Fiona’s paintings, or to commission your own artwork, please contact Fiona. And visit the Gallery pages to see works for sale and other recent examples.  To view the Beetle Bottoms range and shop on line visit the Beetle Bottoms website here.

harbour by Fiona Whyte